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About us

Here comes a presentation about us. Updating the website in progress!

About Emma Siddha Vidya

Emma met yoga as a 19-year-old in Australia and knew then that yoga was her path and has been teaching yoga since 2006. Along the way, a longing to meet people one by one, not just in groups, also came, and she trained in India for Ayurvedic yoga masseuse and, in addition to her yoga school, also started a massage studio. The yoga massage and pregnancy massage are just like yoga, a moment in presence and resting in the present beyond everything that spins in everyday life. Each session is created in the moment, through empathy and sensitivity.

Emma is the mother of three daughters and since her first delivery 14 years ago, she has worked with and trained in pregnancy and childbirth in various ways. She holds pregnancy yoga teacher trainings, childbirth preparation courses, and talks before and after birth.

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